Society sends mixed signals about what a man should be in today’s world of #MeToo and “toxic masculinity.” Mana Toa arms our young men with tools to navigate their way. They re-enter their lives with strength, skills, and discipline — internal changes that will ripple out beyond themselves to positively impact others.

Learning opportunities

Our young men grow their own food, learn money management and develop practical skills, such as carpentry, while engaging in service and work projects. They are embedded in our tight island community and feel a sense of belonging.

Recreation brings about growth and change too. Challenging, fun activities such as surfing, sailing, spearfishing, canoe racing, snowboard+ski trips, music recording, and Jiu Jitsu and strength training all may be part of a man’s stay.

There are also opportunities for cultural exchange and international humanitarian projects.

Throughout, they will work toward understanding the significance of mind-body connection for emotional, physical, and spiritual health.

Every minute of the day
is a learning opportunity.

Support and therapy

We connect our young men with therapeutic support. They build a relationship of trust, consistency, and appropriate boundaries. Settings are both one-on-one and group therapy.

Connection to home

Every week, there will be a phone session with the man, therapist, and participating loved ones.

The bonds to home
are never broken.


Mana Toa offers high school completion programs, GED prep courses, SAT & ACT prep, online college classes, community college, and university classes.

Why it will be different this time

In treatment programs, men are told what to do and when to do it. They aren’t making choices about their lives– they are just fighting to establish healthy behaviors.

Once they’re out, it’s no wonder that so many fall into old patterns once they go home and all they find there are their old friends — and their old habits.

At MANA TOA, we break the cycle,
teaching them to seek a successful sphere of influence and new aspirations.