Mana \ma-nah\: a powerful healing energy that is gained through actions that balance one’s life.

Toa \ ˈtōə\ : a valiant warrior of great strength and renown within his tribe or village; a large spreading tree of great value to the community.


The transition into adulthood can be rife with worry and uncertainty. Our goal at Mana Toa is to support the development of prideful, responsible, capable, and healthy young men through an intentional experience utilizing the many gifts of the Hawaiian island of Oahu. Mana Toa links young adults to mentors and coaches within the community who help sleeping “warriors” awaken and realize their purpose and potential.

Through culture, connection, experiential education, creativity, and discipline, you will build a sense of self and purpose that we hope will help you move into the next phase of your life with excitement and confidence. You’ll learn to grow your own food, a little about money management and practical life skills such as meal planning and carpentry. You’ll engage in service and work projects which will help you feel a sense of belonging in our tight island community!

We strongly believe in the importance and power of recreational activities and FUN! Through these various activities, you will gain a strong understanding of the mind-body connection and the positive impact that has on your emotional, physical, and spiritual health.

Every minute of the day is a learning opportunity and a chance to grow!
Mana Toa arms our young men with tools to navigate their way. They re-enter their lives with strength, skills, and discipline — internal changes that will ripple out beyond themselves to positively impact others.

our approach

We use experiential education and debriefing along with self reflection and communication to positively guide young men into their adult lives – leveraging their personal strengths to develop autonomy and direction. Every student we work with is his own person with his own experiences, so together we develop a plan that is unique, effective, and exciting specifically for him. Mana Toa provides extensive opportunities for personal growth, fun, community engagement, and new skills within a safe and healthy environment.