Where young men
forge a different path


The North Shore of Oahu in Hawaii is a powerful place. Everything about the experience we provide takes its strength from the island.

We turn young men with self-destructive behaviors into warriors with a positive purpose. We don’t deny their fire and energy but instead direct it to forge a different life path that will be authentic to who they are.

Young men leave armed with the strength, skills, discipline, and desire to make the world a better place and positively impact the lives of others.

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Mana Toa is a 9 -12 month experience for men 18 -28. These men have already completed a treatment program, but now need to make sure they can take clean living back into their own lives. We teach them how to trust themselves and how to build a strong community around them lifelong for support.

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I’m Patrick Ah Mu. I lead the team. I grew up here, I’m raising my own kids here, and I am 100% committed to showing our students a different way to be a man.

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We believe in direct connection. If you are interested in MANA TOA for yourself or a young man you love, reach out to me directly. I’ll answer any questions you have and arrange to set up a tour so you can meet us and feel the power of the island.

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